High V was created by Adelaide with the help of her mum, Megan. Addie has been a cheerleader for 6 years, most recently with Cheer Sport Sharks in Kitchener. When the cheer world went back to normal, Addie attended cheer competitions with her team and noticed there were few vendors and options for cute, trendy, apparel and activewear.

From there, High V Apparel was born with all ages and activities in mind, with a sweet spot for cheerleading apparel. Combining Addie's passion for cheer and fashion, High V Apparel has become a creative outlet, and a small business that she hopes to share with the world one day!

When creating High V Apparel, Addie wanted to help other kids be able to do the sport they love, so she decided to team up with Jumpstart for Kids and donate a portion of each purchase to the program. 100% of this donation goes to kids, which is so important to us and the community!

High V Apparel can't wait to grow and become a familiar face at east coast and Ontario competitions this year! If you see us, please stop by and say hi!